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Copa América 2015 - 7 amazing Facts on the 99th Year Anniversary

Tenemos este artículo en inglés sobre la Copa América 2015 preparado por el colaborador de este blog David Castro, es el primero de varios que serán publicados paulatinamente, esperamos sean del interés de aquellos que entienden algo del idioma de Shakespeare.

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One of the most anticipated events in international soccer is right around the corner. Formerly known as the South American Football Championship, the 2015 Copa América will take place in Chile from June 14th to July 4th after 4 years since the Argentinians hosted the 2011 Cup.  The current name has been used since 1975. It is also the 99th year anniversary, making it the oldest international continental men's football competition.

In the mid 1940s to the late 1940s, Copa América was played every year, after the 1947 tournament it was played every 2 years and then every 3 years. In 1959 there were actually two tournaments, leaving some teams uninterested. After 8 years of no Copa America competition, the event resumed in 1975 with no fixed venue and teams would face each other around different countries throughout the year.

This year, originally planned to be played in Brazil, but due to the World Cup, the FIFA Confederations Cup played in previous years in Brazil, plus the 2016 Summer Olympics being held there as well, Brazil and Chile's Football Federations will be swapping their turn to host Copa América, leaving Brazil as the official host country for the 2019 classic.

This year, the twelve teams participating for a chance to win this coveted title are as follows: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela, including the two invited teams from Jamaica and Mexico. There are two stages: the group stage, in which each team faces the 3 other teams with their respective group, and the knockout stage, where the top two teams in each group advance, plus the two best third place teams also advance. A point system is in place where a win earns 3 points, a draw 1 point and no points for a loss.

I have put together an infographic which illustrates 7 amazing historic facts on Copa América's 99th Year Anniversary which you may not have known. Facts like which team currently holds the longest winning streak, or some of the most infamous records a professional soccer player can have such as missing 3 penalty shots in one game, and the worst goal keeping performance in 1942. Also, I was able to find the name of the first player ever to be ejected from a Copa America game. These and other statistics compile this visual content designed for the soccer fanatic like you!


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